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How much time could you get back by downsizing?

At Audley Villages we know how precious time can be and we believe you can do more of the things you love by downsizing to a luxury retirement village. 


Use our handy calculator below to see how much time you can save on the essential upkeep of your property and social life when you move to a beautiful new retirement property with everything on your doorstep.

Simply type into each box how many times per month you do each of the following activities.

(e.g. DIY tasks, cleaning windows, driveway maintenance, cleaning gutters, painting)

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Over ten years, living in a retirement village equates to a lot of extra time on your side

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Own your retirement.

About Audley retirement villages.

Retirement villages in the UK provide a luxuriously comfortable place to live, with beautiful one, two and three bedroom retirement apartments and cottages for sale.

Anyone over the age of around 55 (slightly higher in some Audley villages) can buy a property and benefit from the exquisitely manicured grounds, gardens, and Audley Club health and wellness centre at the heart of each village.

Living in a luxury retirement village means you can do more of the things you love... Like enjoying date nights on your doorstep in a beautiful restaurant, joining a fitness class, indulging in a spot of pampering in the swimming pool and spa, all with no need for the commute and there's no dreaded pruning the garden hedge. Owner's friends and family are of course welcome to visit and enjoy the facilities with you.

Is a retirement village right for me?

Is a retirement village right for me?

Retirement villages are purpose-built for people over the age of 55 (age differs by village) to enable them to live in their own home which they own, with a wealth of luxury facilities and amenities on their doorstep within a vibrant community and often beautiful village surroundings.

Is a retirement village right for you? Only you can answer that, but if you’re considering moving to am Audley retirement village then our experienced property experts can certainly help you decide. Our Audley Care team can also talk you through additional support available in the village, should you need it.

Details of the amenities, events, and available properties at our 19 Audley retirement villages are listed on our website. You can arrange a visit online or by telephone.

Are retirement villages a new concept in the UK?

It might seem that way, but retirement villages have long been common in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. In fact the concept dates back to the 1920s.

Interest in UK retirement communities has increased in recent decades, as retirees seek a way to live well, stay well and maintain independence until the end of their lives. Retirement villages offer extra support and care if it is ever needed.

What is downsizing?

Downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean moving to a considerably smaller property, although often that’s exactly what happens. As homeowners get older, they find that they simply don’t need as much space, or as much stuff!

Whilst it often means moving to a smaller one or two bedroom retirement property, for some people it’s more about de-cluttering and moving on to somewhere new for a fresh start. It also frees up some capital. Providers sometimes offer help with downsizing. This can range from part exchange and support on selling your property to practical advice on de-cluttering your home before you move. Read more about downsizing in retirement

Can I talk to others who have downsized?

Of course. The majority of Audley property owners downsized to more modern, often smaller, property when they moved to an Audley village. Our owners share their personal owner stories on our blog from time to time and often attend Audley hosted downsizing events where they speak to guests to offer honest, practical advice to others who are considering making the move.

If you'd like us to put you in touch with an Audley owner in similar circumstances to you, please get in touch.

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