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Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are for those who require everyday medical care. They don’t need to be in hospital full-time, however are unable or do not wish to maintain their current home. 

In a Nursing home you are typically offered a bedroom, sometimes with en-suite bathroom. Nursing home staff provide medical care and support, 24 hours a day. Specialist care such as occupational or physical therapy is also available. Some of them feel much like hospitals while others aim for a more homely, relaxed atmosphere. 


  • Access to care – the majority of nursing homes are staffed with full-time doctors and nurses, offering 24/7 medical attention if required.
  • Lifestyle – most nursing homes keep a busy schedule, with recreational and interactive activities that foster their sense of community.
  • Accommodation – they have access ramps, hospital beds as well as medical supplies and equipment such as oxygen tanks. Of course, there are also watchers on duty to maintain the safety and security of the facility.


  • Independence – of all the options, nursing homes offer the least independence, but this may be a price worth paying for the level of care and support you require.
  • Finances – medical facilities and trained personnel are expensive, and this is why most nursing homes charge their residents steep fees.
  • Quality – negative press has damaged public perceptions of this sector. Not all nursing homes achieve the same standards of care so it’s important to choose one you and your family feel comfortable with.
  • Accommodation – for practical reasons, nursing homes often have an institutional feel. Once again, it’s important to weigh this against the advantages to decide whether one can offer the best quality of life for your particular needs.