Part exchange

Move sooner with our home buying service

If you part exchange your existing property for a new home at a luxury Audley retirement village you are ensured a seamless and stress-free buying and selling process. The main benefits to part exchange are no chain, the certainty of a guaranteed sale of your existing property, no estate agent fees, and a flexible moving date. Plus, moving sooner also means taking advantage of the currently reduced Stamp Duty rates.


5 step process

If you would like to move quickly and easily, our home buying service is the right choice for you, giving you the peace of mind of a guaranteed sale and a seamless, stress-free move into your beautiful new Audley retirement property.

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How does the home buying service work?

5 simple steps

If you would like to move quickly and easily, our home buying service is the right choice for you. You can part exchange your existing property for a property at an Audley village through our specialist partners, which means no fees and no chain to worry about. Our partners act as cash buyers and will purchase your existing property, giving you the peace of mind of a guaranteed sale and a seamless, stress-free 5 step process.

Step 1

Our sales team will assist you to find your perfect Audley property. Once you have chosen you simply need to provide details of your current home to us.

Step 2

We will obtain valuations from our network of trusted local estate agents and a survey from the Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors to value your property.

Step 3

Our specialist home buying partner will then make an offer to purchase your home. If you accept the offer then a survey will be arranged and we will then confirm our offer.

Step 4

Our partner will pay £1,800 towards your legal fees if you use one of our panel solicitors. This will ensure a smooth exchange and completion process. You also don’t pay estate agency fees, as you are not selling your current home on the open market.

Step 5

Your property is now sold, your Audley property can be reserved and solicitors are instructed to proceed to exchange within 6 weeks. You can move in when your property is ready, or up to two weeks after the completion date if you need some extra time to make the move.

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Flexibility and no obligation

Flexibility and no obligation

All types of residential properties, irrespective of the value, will be considered. There is no charge for using this service and there is no obligation on you whatsoever to accept any offer. Our partner Silverbridge Ltd has over 50 years of experience in the UK property market and for the last decade has offered one of the most competitive and attractive home buying services available.


Expert Moving Package

In addition, you can currently benefit from Audley's free of charge Expert Moving Package, which includes

✔  Solicitor and removal fees
✔  Packing and unpacking
✔  A specialist downsizing package
✔  Four hours of help to move in
✔  Six hours of housekeeping services


Stamp Duty Holiday

By using our home buying service to sell your existing property, you benefit from a smoother, faster move which means you can also take advantage of the current Stamp Duty savings, available until 30th June 2021.


Part exchange: important information

  • If an offer is reduced following an unfavourable survey you are under no obligation to accept it.
  • A higher value may be achieved for your property by selling independently of part-exchange. 
  • Buyers are advised to take their own advice to ensure the part-exchange scheme is suitable for their needs.
  • A commission may be paid to Audley sales staff by Silverbridge Properties in the event of a part-exchange sale.