About our charges

As well as the monthly management fee, a deferred management charge is payable from the sale of your home, or change of occupier. This, together with the monthly management fee, ensures that everyone who lives in an Audley village can do so knowing there will always be sufficient funds to carry out any works, maintain the continued high standard of the village and ensure that each property has the ability to increase its value within the housing market. We consider that the deferred management charge is the most cost effective and efficient method to cover expenditure and, over a long term, this may work out at lower cumulative costs than some people may pay for upkeep and major works on their own family home.

How much will you pay? You don’t pay anything until you sell your property; you contribute a percentage of the greater of the achieved market price or agreed valuation of the property per year or part-year of occupation before receiving the proceeds.

Details of the deferred management charge for each village can be found in the Key Facts and Fees Documents below.