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Care Homes

Residential care homes are designed for people who need help with everyday tasks and are unable or do not wish to maintain their current home. 

Care Homes typically offer you your own bedroom, some of which may have en-suites. Other areas are communal. Residential care includes meals, help with personal care like bathing and dressing, 24-hour staff, physical and emotional care and care through short illnesses. 


  • Lifestyle – there are organised activities and plenty of company.
  • Access to care – everyday help is on hand and some care homes are targeted at specific needs e.g. dementia. 
  • Finances – it’s all inclusive, with utility bills, meals and cleaning included in the cost.
  • Peace of mind – it’s safe and secure as members of staff are always present.
  • Facilities – buildings are specially designed or adapted for purpose.
  • Maintenance – this is all included in the price.


  • Independence – with a more communal style of living, many miss simple, everyday things like preparing their meals and doing what they like, when they like.
  • Accommodation – with just one room per resident, there’s limited storage and it can feel like there’s less freedom.
  • Lifestyle – some home comforts like pets may not be allowed. You can’t choose your company and you may experience others’ discomfort or distress.
  • Quality - Negative press has damaged public perceptions of care homes. Standards of care will vary so it’s important to choose one you and your family feel comfortable with.
  • Finances – although costs vary considerably, you can expect to pay an average of £28,000 per year for a residential care home, or even as much as £50,000. Trips out, hairdressing and some therapies are usually not included in fees.