Your wellbeing matters

Join our fitness and stretching classes at home

Existing Audley Club members can join virtual classes hosted online by our personal trainers, or can book an in-person fitness class or swim session via Smoothbook from 17th May. Choose your Audley Club below to book.

***For new membership enquiries please get in touch.***

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App update pending
Book a class online instead

Our Audley Club app is currently awaiting updates with Apple. We are sorry for the inconvenience and in the meantime existing members can book classes using the links below.


Our Audley Clubs in the South

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Our Audley Clubs in the Midlands

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Our Audley Clubs in the North of England

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Looking to move to Audley?

If you are interested in moving to a beautiful new apartment or cottage in an Audley retirement village, visit our Audley Villages website and find out more about how it works.