Fitness Studio


BAND A Tack a Resistance band workout. Two different ability classes a Seated version and a Standing/Mat version. These bands are more challenging than you think. They can be used for Pre & Rehab, for strength training and active recovery – all in one go. The standing version is to music which makes it less accessible for hearing aid wearers

Pilates Created by Joseph Pilates in the earlier part of the 20th century and during its 100yr+ existence further developed. Classical Pilates consist of the original 34 Pilates Drills originally referred to as the Contrology Method applying the 6 Principals of Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow and Precision. Pilates in 2020 has gone in many different directions but still apply these foundations.

Young at Heart (Chair based) using the chair to exercise on, with around and for. A playful session whilst still making the body move and work. This is a class to music which makes it less accessible for hearing aid wearers *class is cancelled on 7th October

Strong at Heart this is the BASE of your strength training workouts. Foundation training based on Sit Stand Pull & Push. Exercises with or without weights for those who can, like and want to work to strengthen the Body Mind and Soul.

Funky Friday Get your dance moves on and its time o make you feel GOOOOOD  Based on Zumba with a freestyle twist its FriYAY all so lets celebrate!

Barre Fitness Ballet focused barre workout where we will pointe and flex and apply some beautiful arms. Previous experience and ballet shoes not required

Personal Training a time set out for you and your personal trainer to work on your specific needs, wants or goals. You will reach these so much quicker, more efficient, more dedicated and more fun when you work out with your expert personal trainer. (additional costs apply)


Swimming Pool


Pool Aerobics Let the water be your resistance. A Low Impact water based workout to help those joints and still work those muscles in our beautiful pool. Perfect for any and every body!



We may not be open just yet but we are still able to offer memberships and virtual classes, and our trainers are just at the end of the phone or video call to help you with a personal nutrition and training plan.

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