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Our fitness studios are home to quality, easy-to-use equipment and weights suitable for all ages, but designed with over-55s in mind. As well as gym equipment (for an independent or guided workout), our Leisure Managers host a range of popular exercise classes in the fitness studio.

Fitness classes on offer at the Audley Clubs across the UK include;

Core Fit

Great for building up core strength, balance and coordination to help in everyday activities.

Tai Chi

Tai chi not only exercises the muscles, but it also twists and stretches all parts of the body. This feels like a massage for the internal organs. This exercise increases the flow of blood, fluid and energy thought out the body. Exercise to clear and still the mind and balance the body.


The all-time classic circuit/toning training, combining strength and endurance to burn calories to tone and work your entire body. Circuits Improves body strength, muscular and aerobic stamina and stability. A great class with varied, easy to follow exercises for increasing muscle strength and building body awareness.

Stretch Fit

Great all round keep fit class for balance, coordination and flexibility to help in everyday activities.


A low impact class, focussing on core strength and balance. This is a great session on improving muscle tone, posture and balance and in good weather will be taken outside.

Conditioning and Circuits

A high impact class which incorporates body conditioning into a circuit format, helping fitness and stamina. Yoga Mindfulness in motion, Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing) are used to strengthen and lengthen the whole body.


(Deep Roots, Strong Base Routine) Gentle standing postures to promote better balance, strength, mobility and vitality.

Deep Roots and Strong Base

Gentle standing postures to promote better balance, strength, mobility and vitality

Zumba Gold

A lower impact, easy to follow, Latin-inspired dance fitness party. Fun, easy to follow classes suitable for all levels to help improve overall fitness, co-ordination and body tone.

Neighbourly Walk

Enjoy a gentle walk around the neighbourhood in the company of other owners.

Chair Aerobics

Chair aerobics is a fun filled exercise class that incorporates cardiovascular, strengthening, balancing, stretching and breathing exercises. It is designed to help you raise your fitness levels.

Step Aerobics

An exciting music class using a step, where you can work at a level of intensity that suits you. This class is ideal for improving your cardiovascular fitness, stamina, balance and co-ordination.

Dance Aerobics

An aerobic workout where you can enjoy the sensation of dance. This includes a mix of aerobic and dance moves set to a range of music styles including songs from the 60’s and 70’s. The emphasis is as much on fun as it is breaking a sweat.

Seated Strength training

Using the Chair to get improve your Strength and Balance for the mature body.

Mat Pilates

Following the 34 Classic Pilates Drills and mix and match them to bring them into 2021. This class will improve your Balance, your Body/Mind Connection, your mobility and you will use your core like never before.

Seated Pilates

Utilizing the Chair whilst implementing the Pilates Principals. This class will be held either in the Studio or in the Garden depending on the weather.

Silver Ballet

No previous ballet experience required. There will be classical music and at your level add some ballet moves from Pliés to Frappé. You will work on Strength, Balance, Body/Mind connection whilst most importantly we have Fun with graceful arms.


All are welcome. A soft class where we focus on opening the joints in a circular and slow manner. Elements from Pilates and Yin are utilised to give the body some much needed air.

Seated Strength Training

Using the Chair to get improve your Strength and Balance for the mature body. This class will be held either in the Studio or in the Garden depending on the weather.

Circuit training

A variation of Strength and Cardiovascular Training to get the body moving, the lungs & heart working and the mind focused. Various HIIT protocols will be applied and there is always a finisher.

Personal Training

A time set out for you and your personal trainer to work on your specific needs, wants or goals. You will reach these so much quicker, more efficient, more dedicated and more fun when you work out with your expert personal trainer. (additional costs apply)

Swimming Pool

Aqua is a fantastic way to get fit as well as stay fit. The unique physical properties of water provide an ideal environment for exercise. Natural buoyancy of the water reduces weight-bearing stress, allowing a greater ease of movement with less strain on bones, joints and muscles.

Here is a selection of aqua fitness classes on offer at Audley Clubs.

Aqua Aerobics

Improves the health of the heart and lung. This is a great way to exercise for people wanting to burn off calories, without the impact on the joints.

Aqua Fit

These classes are great for improving stamina, strength and suppleness, as well as increasing fitness. Unlike Aerobics on land Aqua fit is low-impact and the cushioning effect of the water protects joints in the spine, ankle, hips and knees. There are several of these classes tailored for different levels of fitness.

Pool Aerobics

Let the water be your resistance. A Low Impact water based workout to help those joints and still work those muscles in our beautiful pool. Perfect for any and every body!

Classes vary by location so please check with your local Audley Club before visiting. Existing Audley Club members can book fitness classes, aqua classes, gym and swim sessions online or via the Audley Club app.