Welcome back to the Audley Club

After such a long time, we are delighted to welcome our members and guests back to the Audley Club. In addition to the in-person fitness class now available to existing club members, our virtual classes remain available to all our members twice daily.

If you have any questions, please contact us below or call your local Audley Club.


Frequently Asked Questions

Has anything changed from 19th July?

Whilst we welcome the easing of restrictions, we continue to exercise appropriate care to keep everyone safe. With this in mind we encourage our guests to exercise caution before visiting us.

  • Please stay at home if you believe you may have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 or any other infectious illness in the past two weeks.
  • We politely encourage all visitors to wear a mask in communal areas and when moving around the restaurant, club and village.
  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival and you will be asked to sign in, either on paper or via the NHS app. If your temperature is high then we will be unable to welcome you on this occasion.
  • If you are happy to do a lateral flow test before your visit, this can further reduce the risk of infection to owners and team members living and working in the village. Alternatively, you may wish to provide evidence of one or more Covid-19 vaccinations, either via the NHS App, your card or official NHS letter. This is not compulsory.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Can I join as a new member?

Yes of course. We welcome new members at all of our Audley Clubs. Visit our membership page to check out our new member offers. You can join at any time, with no joining fee to pay* (*Terms apply).

Do I need to pre-book?

To keep everybody safe and to help us manage capacity, members are sometimes asked to pre-book their space for every visit, including gym and swim sessions via our mobile app or online booking portal. Classes can always be booked online. 

Are the changing rooms open?

The changing rooms are open for those who are swimming. Please be reminded that we ask all guests to wear masks in communal areas and when moving around the club and village. 

There are designated showers and toilets for use to allow for social distancing. For those members not swimming we recommend that you arrive in your gym kit and shower and change at home.

Do I need to bring my own towel and water bottle?

Towels are provided, along with disposable cups for the water fountains.

Are bags allowed to be taken into the gym?

No, please do not take your bags into the studios or into the gym. Please leave your belongings in your car or in a locker. Lockers will be provided for those swimming or using the Audley Club.

Is there a limit on the number of people allowed in the pool at one time?

Yes, there is. We’ve added maximum occupancy limits to all of our pools to ensure you can swim with the space you need. This limit varies by club and will be indicated on our online booking portal.

Can I borrow any swimming equipment?

Floatation aids are available for us when swimming and during Aqua classes. We are unable to loan any equipment such as goggles.

Do I need to pre-book a place for all classes?

Yes, you do. To help us manage capacity and ensure you get the most from the class, members are required to pre-book their space for every class via our mobile app or online booking portal.

Why is there a reduced class timetable?

We have selected classes that use a minimal amount of equipment to reduce any cross contamination. Furthermore to allow individual access to the gym and pool we have reduced classes to allow more time for these sessions as well.

Why are classes only 30 or 45 minutes long?

We have made the decision to alter our timetable to ensure that we have enough time between each class to carry out our thorough cleaning procedures.

Are there any changes to Yoga and Pilates classes?

Our Yoga and Pilates classes, like all of our classes, are running at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing. All of our gyms have clear floor markings to help members find adequate space, safely distanced from others. We are also using our outdoor spaces at selected clubs to run outdoor Yoga and Pilates classes.

Will I need to bring my own yoga/exercise mat?

We would encourage members attending a class to bring and use their own mat, if they would feel more comfortable doing so. You are welcome to use a mat provided by the Audley Club but we ask that you sanitise it before and after use, using the sanitising spray provided.

Will you be continuing to offer virtual and on-demand classes?

The feedback from members about both our on demand and live stream classes has been really positive so, we will continue to offer this free of charge moving forward.

Is all the gym equipment available to use?

We have worked hard to ensure that majority of our gym equipment is available to use. However, to ensure there is adequate spacing between each piece of equipment and the workout area there may be smaller volumes of equipment available.

How is equipment being kept clean?

Our pools, gyms and changing rooms are cleaned at frequent intervals throughout the day followed by a deep clean after the facilities close.  We ask members to sanitise all equipment prior to and after use using the disinfectant sprays and blue roll provided. Hand sanitising stations are located at all entrances and within the gym and changing facilities.

Are personal training sessions available?

Yes, personal training sessions are available. PTs are required to maintain a suitable social distance from the member throughout the session.

Do I need to wear a mask within the gym?

Currentl you don’t need to wear a mask when using our gym facilities. You are, of course, welcome to do so if you would be more comfortable wearing one. We do ask that you wear a mask when walking through the building to and from the gym, including changing rooms and poolside, and you will be asked upon arrival to show evidence of at least Covid-19 vaccinations, have your temperature taken and sign in on arrival.

How will I be able to socially distance in the gym?

We have set maximum occupancy limits for our gyms based on their size to ensure you can work out with all the space you need. We are leaving space between our equipment where possible or taking every other piece out of use to ensure there is adequate space between members whilst they work out. 

Are the sauna and steam room in use?

Yes, our saunas and steam rooms are now available.

Will you notify me if I you think I may have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 whilst at the club?

We are fully complying with all government advice regarding this, supporting the government's track and trace system. Please scan the QR code on your visit to the club.

What happens if my Audley Club is in an area that has a local lockdown?

We will follow both the government and local authority advice if this happens and keep all of our members fully informed.

Can I use the Bistro during my visit to the club?

You are very welcome to use the Bistro either before or after your visit to the club and enjoy your 10% discount. Please remember to dine in our restuarant you need to follow the safety guideliness for any Audley village. It is advisable to make a booking for the bistro although we will try to accommodate walk ins where possible.

I have a question about my membership – who do I contact?

Please make contact with your Audley Club Manager in the first instance.

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