Upcoming changes

We appreciate that you may have a lot of questions about the changes to your lease, monthly management fee, and deferred management charge, and the options available to you. 

The team have endeavoured to pre-empt and answer many questions below.

Should you have any further queries or concerns, your General Manager and Sales Team are available to talk to.


Your Fees

Why are Audley offering these new options?

As with any business, Audley needs to evolve and adapt in line with customer expectations and market forces. We continuously assess our operational business model and have recently undertaken a review of the way in which we charge customers for the services we offer, partly in response to owner requests. We want you, and our other owners, to have the opportunity to benefit from the new structure, in the same way that our new customers do, so we are offering you the chance to change your MMC and DMC arrangements if you would like to do so.

Will there be different options offered in the future?

There are no plans to offer additional options, but should this be reviewed, all existing owners will be informed and will have the opportunity of switching to any new options that become available.

Why should I consider changing to one of the new options in the proposed timeframe?

The reduction in your monthly outgoings is one of the key benefits of the new options. The additional advantages of changing within the proposed timeframe are set out in your letter. The main ones include: no RPI increase to the MMC for 2022 and RPI capped at 2.5% for future MMC increases; reduced sales admin / sales agency fees; and a contribution towards legal fees (or no legal fees if you choose from the list of panel solicitors).

What will be the impact for me or my family when selling my property? Will the new arrangements affect the value of the property?

The opportunity for future purchasers to choose their preferred option for MMC and DMC to suit their individual circumstances could enhance the salability of your property. Also, where relevant, an extended lease should be a positive selling point.


Section 2

Who is available to support me and my family?

Your GM will be able to assist with any additional questions you have. They will be supported by a wider team of Audley employees from various departments.