Wedding bells ring at St Elphin's Park

Posted in News on 5th July 2013

St.Elphin’s Park was the first Audley retirement village to hold a wedding reception when two of its residents held their wedding breakfast in the stunning Orangery restaurant.

Mr Booth and Mrs Edge moved to Audley St.Elphin’s House in December 2012 after falling in love five years ago at a retired Teachers’ convention, and have been companions ever since. While they only met a few years ago, the couple realised that they could have met much earlier after finding out that they attended the same primary school and have lived and worked very closely to one another throughout their lives.

Living on opposite sides of Derby they made the decision to move to Audley St.Elphin’s Park in December 2012 to enjoy their retirement together, and have since been making the most of the luxury of having the facilities and social aspect of the village on their doorstep. Mr Booth is regularly seen taking a morning swim and both enjoy being able to eat in the restaurant each week.

The couple celebrated their wedding in style, marrying at the local church before enjoying their wedding reception in the Orangery restaurant with their friends and family.