Retirement USA

Posted in News on 30th July 2012

01 November 2011

Tony and Carol Gregory who live at Audley St Elphin’s Park, travelled to America to take part in an exchange programme where they swapped lifestyles with a couple from Senior Resource Group Maravilla Community, in Santa Barbara, California. Both couples experienced retirement living across the pond, taking part in the day to day activities and meeting other residents.

Audley initiated the exchange to gain further insight into retirement living, dispel myths and challenge stereotypes of ‘old folks’ homes. Nick Sanderson, Audley CEO said: “For too long there have been negative stereotypes attached to retirement living and we’re hoping to address these with the exchange programme. At Audley, we have pioneered a new UK concept, a village environment which offers a chance to downsize and maintain independence, but with the security and peace of mind that when extra help is needed, it’s readily available without having to move again. “Retirement villages are already well established and accepted in America and we’re keen to share knowledge with SRG and look at ways we can learn from each other, challenge perceptions and develop our offerings.”

Tony said: “We were delighted to have taken part in the first ever exchange visit and fascinated to see how the US villages operate. We decided to move here just before I turned 70 so we could be settled and enjoy our retirement. Our daughters both live abroad, so they feel happy we’ve got people around us and we can lock up and visit them without worrying about leaving the house.” “Some of the retirement developments in the US are much larger than St Elphin’s Park but the combination of a vibrant community; great facilities, help available if you need it and lovely spacious apartments or cottages is available on both sides of the Atlantic. For us, we wouldn’t swap St Elphin’s Park!”