Panorama: Our Thoughts

07 July 2011

Nobody who watched Monday's Panorama programme, on the systematic abuse of young adults in the special needs hospital in Bristol, could have been anything other than horrified that such appalling behaviour could be allowed to happen in 2011.

Facilities such as Winterbourne Grove were developed to provide care for the most vulnerable in society. After the wholesale closure of institutions in the 1980's and early 1990's there was a belief, and quite rightly, that wherever possible individuals should be cared for in a home of their own in the community rather than have their freedom restricted by institutional life. However, there are always going to be those who can not support themselves even with domiciliary care for whom specialist facilities such as this were designed.

The ordeals exposed during Monday's Panorama programme are a timely reminder for all of us involved in the social care sector of the responsibilities we bear. We at Audley are acutely conscious of our responsibilities to our customers and their families. We continue to review our audit processes to ensure, as best as possible, the quality of care we deliver and will continue to do so. We are though, always dependent on our customers and all of our staff to share with us information and we always encourage them to do so without restriction.

Chief Executive