Evia's first development

Evia buys Schæffergården to launch a new concept of serviced housing for older people in Denmark

Audley Group’s sister company in Denmark, Evia, has announced the purchase of their first site - Schæffergården in Gentofte. In partnership with Fondet for Dansk-Norsk Samarbejde (Foundation for Danish-Norwegian collaboration), Evia will convert the former conference centre into a retirement village with central facilities including a restaurant, café, pool, fitness suite and sauna, available to property owners and outside guests.

Evia's vision is to create attractive housing and facilities for future owners and guests whilst respecting the history and legacy of the property. To ensure this and the harmony between the property, the lake, the park and the surrounding area, this concept will be developed in close cooperation with the city council of Gentofte and consultation with the authority for property protection in Denmark.

Nick Sanderson, CEO and founder of Audley Group, who co-owns Evia with PFA, has more than 20 years of experience in developing and operating high quality retirement villages in the UK. Nick Sanderson had no doubt when he visited Schæffergården:

“Schæffergården will be the perfect location for our first project in Denmark. We have many years of experience in preserving and developing protected property and creating attractive housing and facilities which provide the owners the possibility of living a free and independent life in safe surroundings while at the same time contributing positively to the local area.”

Erik Skyum Nielsen, spokesperson of Fondet for Dansk-Norsk Samarbejde explains that the Covid pandemic has caused a substantial loss to the operation of Schæffergården.

”The Foundation can no longer continue to own and operate Schæffergården. It has been important for us to find a new owner who will develop and operate the property with an understanding of the local community and respect of the history of the property and the surrounding nature. The process is expected to run in 2022 and most of 2023.”

Michael Bruhn, property director of PFA says:

“Schæffergården is a unique property in the council of Gentofte with a long history. I am very pleased that Schæffergården will be the first location where we can launch our new serviced senior housing concept – Evia Living.

I am certain that Evia and the concept of Evia Living is the right platform for what this is all about: An attractive housing alternative for 60+ who want the best possibilities for living the life that they wish – their whole life.”

Mikala Kreiser, CEO of Evia says:

“This is an important milestone for Evia. We are continuously working to find the best possible locations for our future housing and facilities. And Schæffergården provides everything we want in terms of great location and beautiful surroundings.

I look forward to the coming years of cooperation with the city council of Gentofte and other relevant parties. We have a fantastic concept, but it will only be successful if we have a proper process which also involves our future neighbours and all those who have an interest in our new concept.”

Follow the development at www.evia-living.dk and read more about the concept of Evia Living.

What is Evia Living?

What is Evia Living?

In 2019 Audley Group announced a unique joint venture between UK market leader Audley Group and trusted Danish pension and investment firm PFA. That joint venture has become Evia Living, offering serviced senior housing in integrated retirement communities in Denmark. 

More about Schæffergården, Evia's first development

Schæffergården is a historical property in Jægersborg (part of Greater Copenhagen). It has a protected hunting castle dating back to 1735, a large natural lake and a stunning park with beautiful long-established trees. The area is both magnificent and peaceful and in close proximity to Dyrehaven (a forest with protected wildlife), Hundesømosen and the fine city areas of Charlottenlund, Ordrup, Gentofte and Lyngby.

Schæffergården has a long and interesting legacy. The area was originally called Ibstrup. There was a farm with this name located there until the area was purchased by Queen Margrethe I in the 15th Century.

In 1609 King Christian IV built a castle on part of the area, which today contains Jægersborg Kaserne. The castle was used for guests and royal events and later , during the reign of Christian V, it became a location famous for its hunting events.

The main building of Schæffergården, which today is called the hunting castle (Jagtslottet), was built in 1755 by German-born Schæffer who was a master in rococo interior decoration. Schæffer played a part in creating the beautiful royal residence of Moltkes Palæ in Amalienborg. In the 1830s the property called Villa Helene was built.

Now, in 2022, plans are in progress to develop Evia Living's first integrated retirement community In Denmark, in this idyllic location, set amongst beautiful natural surroundings.

Nick Sanderson, Audley Group CEO said today on LinkedIn:

Nick Sanderson, Audley Group CEO said today on LinkedIn:

“I’m delighted to say that Evia has today announced the site of its first retirement village. I’m really looking forward to seeing the village develop and have already seen how much the Danes have embraced the concept of integrated retirement communities so I have no doubt that demand will be high. My congratulations to @michaelbruhn and @mikalaKreiser and the whole team at Evia."

Nick Edwards, Audley Group Chief Operating Officier said today on LinkedIn:

Nick Edwards, Audley Group Chief Operating Officier said today on LinkedIn:

“Today, @mikalaKreiser and the team at Evia have announced the purchase of the first site, Schæffergården. It’s a really beautiful property that is ripe for redevelopment, and just as with Audley villages, the team at Evia will work to retain and respect the history and legacy of the buildings and the area. I am looking forward to seeing their progress and really pleased that Denmark will benefit from the much needed retirement village concept.”

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