Comment on research from the Ingenerational Foundation

19 October 2011

Nick Sanderson, CEO of Audley Retirement Villages, said:

“The debate on how to encourage older people to free up housing stock and equity accrued within it is long overdue but it is short sighted to assume the solution is to offer financial incentives, such as tax breaks. Instead, over 60s need housing options that meet their aspirations for the future, enable them to remain independent and release income that would otherwise be locked away. The more that can be done, the greater the potential to use the estimated £1 trillion housing equity held by over 60s to fund a high quality lifestyle and avoid the very thing they fear most – institutional care.”

“Research shows that providing high quality accommodation that allows older people to enjoy an active lifestyle, while staying in control of their own home and their future care needs delivers fundamental health and cost benefits. It is time that we discussed providing for older age in terms of great housing and lifestyle alternatives rather than focusing on the financial burden of long term care and the loss of independence it represents.”