Comment on the national inspection of elderly patient care report (CQC)

03 October 2011

Nick Sanderson, CEO of Audley Retirement Villages, said:

“The CQC’s report ‘Dignity and Nutrition’ puts the finger on the critical issues around the provision of care in the UK. Recent discussions and scandals, such as insufficient trained nurses or the Southern Cross crisis, exposed shortcomings of the existing system. The CQC revealed that many hospitals fail to meet legal standards of care and reveals that some patients are not given enough to drink.

The Royal College of Nursing’s suggestion to ask relatives to take over basic care responsibilities cannot entirely solve this complex issue. The report on the impact of Extra Care, issued by the International Longevity Centre last month, proved the positive effects for people in later life. The access to Extra Care significantly reduces the need for institutional care in the future.

The debate on long term care until now has focused on the financial burden of ageing. At Audley we focus on providing care of the highest quality, as and when our residents need it. By applying this flexible and tailor-made concept we enable people in later life to live a happier and more sustainable retirement.”